Monday, May 17, 2010

In Touch

and no, I don't have a fancy phone either

So before I was on mat. leave, on my days off, I would text or call my husband to say hello, and see how his day was going. Well, now that I am home most of the time, those random texts and calls have nearly quadrupled. Good thing he doesn't have an office job or he would probably be fired for taking too many personal calls!  Its not like my calls are emergency related either, really, they are usually about how my day is going with Gray or the weird thing that just happened on our street. Today though, it was about the most horrendous smell coming from my sons diaper...the 'knock you in the face when you come in the room' kind of smell, the worst! So I thought I would call and discuss my options with my husband, as if I really had any...I plugged my nose and took the plunge... I just wanted to share this info with him, aren't I nice? I couldn't possibly imagine what someone would think if they heard half of the conversations we have!

Now that Gray is sleeping, FINALLY, I will call and share the good news, as last night was a tough one, so Mike will understand my joy in the fact that I get a minute to breath! I'll also probably ask him if he's coming home for lunch, and he will either tell me to get my boyfriend out of the house, or that he can stay. Ya right, as if I have time to deal with a boyfriend on the side!

I wonder what people did without cell phones? Pretty boring...

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