Friday, May 21, 2010

Special Moments


Blowing kisses is Gray's favourite new thing and it just melts your heart...well he blew me a kiss and I blew one back, then he came in for a hug and then gave me a huge raspberry on my bare shoulder! Love!!Next thing you know both my shoulders are covered in drool and the kid is giggling like crazy!...all I could think of was that I didn't ever want this moment to be over!

Which brings me to the thought that next week I will be returning to work...kinda bittersweet. I really am looking forward to returning to a job that I really love, but it has been so nice to enjoy my year off with the best guy in the whole wide world. How can I leave him for 8 hours a day? Well, its not like its a new thing...Gray's been at the babysitters a few times, as I have been working a bit here and there already, and millions of other moms do it every day...

Weird, how a year ago I was wondering how I would adjust to staying at home and now I am wondering how I will adjust to going back to work. Or how I will juggle working, being a good mom, getting the house clean and have supper ready?...Just the many talents of a mom I suppose.


Claudia Q. said...

what a beautiful baby!! wishing having one of my own

The Undomestic Mommy said...

omg! he's cute!!

i know exactly what you mean about the work thing. i still have 5 months before i have to go back and i'm already trying to figure out how the hell i'm going to leave alex.

Lish said...

Thanks guys! Babies change your life in the most incredible way...its the best!