Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It was a whoot!

I wanted Gray to have a cool birthday. Something different. No balloons, no cartoon characters...nothing cheesy. So after hours of browsing the web, I came to my decision.


They are cute, modern and such a hoot..haha...sorry had to do it!

the invitations

food & decor

Got the cake idea here. Got the cupcake idea here.

Good food + Friends & Family + Good fun = A Very Happy First Birthday!



The Undomestic Mommy said...

super cute birthday party! i love the owl theme.

how did the cake turn out? it looks pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

The cake was FANTASTIC!! OMG so yummy!! The party was pretty cool as well lol - AC

Lish said...

THANKS! The cake WAS pretty good...only I used a box cake and store bought icing...but it was still good though :)