Monday, November 8, 2010

Tis' the season

The sound of jingle bells in my head...ahh yes, Christmas is in the air. And, although I am enjoying the wonderful fall air and do not wish the snow to come any sooner then Christmas, my boxes of Christmas ornaments and reindeer are weighing on my mind. My vision of what this Christmas will look like is taking shape and with the rush of the season, I am hoping that it is spent with friends and family and just enjoying each other's company!

I'm off to a slow start as I deal with a teething toddler and a house that is in a rearrange/redecorate mode (yes, Gray's big boy room is in the process!), I did manage to go hunting for cedar and dogwood to spruce up my urns outside! My growing belly and I also got a bit of crafting done the other day...

Check out my Etsy page for more details!

Stay tuned...BIG posts are coming this week...including the reveal of our baby's sex! So exciting!!

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