Sunday, January 30, 2011

{30 weeks}


Well, only 10 or so weeks left...and as the countdown begins...I have officially reached the 'awkward' stage of pregnancy. You know the one...peeing every hour in the night, tossing and turning trying to get comfortable, not being able to put your socks and shoes on easily. Not to mention picking up toys or a so called little boy. But I manage...somehow...

The icing on the cake? I get to sit at a lab tomorrow for over 2 hours, waiting to get poked and probed with needles while I gulp back a high sugary drink in the hopes that I pass my second glucose tolerance test. Just like when I was pregnant with Gray, the doctors think I may have gestational diabetes...cross your fingers for me that it shows up negative!

In the meantime, I realized I haven't really posted any 'preggo' here ya go!



Rachael said...

you look so cute!

i kinda hate you for not having any stretch marks though.

Lish said...

Thanks! Oh, but trust me they are there...the wonders of photoshop! LOL!