Saturday, January 15, 2011

Toddler Bedroom


So remember a long, long time ago I posted about reorganizing our computer room, but then that kinda fell  apart due to the fact that it was now going to become Gray's big boy last! I am so sorry for keeping you all hanging by the seat of your pants! But finally, we have Gray's big boy room finished! It's been in the almost complete phase for about a month now, there was just one corner bothering me, and that's because it had a huge pile of junk, that needed a home, in it! I have just relocated that junk to another room..haha...

A few things left to do:

Tie back the curtains properly
DIY Light fixture -which I plan to add to the existing ceiling fan as seen here or buy these
Add some black out blinds

Buuuut here it is...

The cats thought they should be involved in the room as well!

Chalkboard wall- Mike and I have been dying to draw on it, but it looks so pretty right now!

Gray loves playing in it! I wish he loved sleeping in it, but that is a work in progress. Anyone have any ideas? Tricks of the trade for the switch-a-roo from crib to bed? We've tried a few times but to no prevail. We are going to try and set up his playpen in there for naps and see how that goes. For some reason, he sleeps in his playpen sooo well! Cross your fingers for us!j

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Nicole | Chic & Cheap Nursery said...

WOW! What a transformation!!!
The room looks beautiful :-)