Friday, February 18, 2011

Closet Challenge Progress

My Closet Challenge is well under way, I have our bedroom closet finished and am working on the front hall closet at the moment...there is still lots to do, but I thought I would show you some of the progress...

Remember our bedroom closet before...yuck!

Here is the after:

There is light!! Thanks to my handy husband!

 With the tall shelves gone, our closet looks so spacious! Plus, these smaller shelves work just as well as the large ones, once we decluttered.  

Ooohh...look at you all color coordinated...not that I can wear half of them at the moment...soon though!

I added hooks for belts and necklaces, and the top shelf I am using for jewellery and perfumes-so pretty!

With only 1.5 weeks left in my timeline, I am on a crunch to get it all done! This weekend I am taking a much needed break from all this organizing to spend some quality time with the Mr.!  I can't even remember the last time Mike and I went out on a date, so I thought I would surprise him with a little getaway! Gray is going to his Granny and Gramps' house for the night and we are treating ourselves out to dinner, a hotel suite and breakfast the following morning! I can't wait!

Hopefully, this miserable cold that has been stuck in my body all week will miraculously leave in time for Saturday...cross your fingers for me!

Well my friends, whatever it is that your doing this weekend, enjoy!

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