Friday, March 11, 2011

Creative Notions

This week has produced lots of pretty projects (which is why my blog has been lacking in posts-sorry!). I can't wait to share them with you, but not quite yet...hopefully after this weekend, the nursery will be in the final decorating stages...maybe I will show you a sneak peak, or maybe I'll keep you guessing?!

Some things that I will definitely be adding to my project list:

I could totally use this in the kitchen, Fabric Dry Erase Board, maybe then my husband would actually write down when he uses all the milk!

This would be so handy in the car-Sippy Cut Leash

We have a mesh bag that I found at the dollar store, but this would be so much cuter-Mesh Toy Bag

You know those generic, thin little hooded towels for babies-they are cute but they suck at keeping baby warm and dry....until now.... make your own Hooded Bath Towel!

In the spirit of spring, and with Easter around the corner, this wreath would be yellow perhaps?

Happy Friday everyone!

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