Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's almost time. In three weeks our time as a family of three will be numbered...I am excited. Anxious. Worried. HAPPY.

The last few days I have been feverishly running around, trying to cross things off my To Do list, and it's not easy to do when you are feeling huge and uncomfortable.

Why do we (as women) do this to ourselves? We have a whole 9 months (10 actually) to prepare for this wonderful little human being to bless our lives and we wait for the last month to stress about all those 'things' that don't really need to be done-right now! Nesting, they call it...more like Stressing...

I spent the first 4 months of being pregnant, trying not to think about how the banana I just ate was making me feel nauseous, or how I wish I could just take a nap..

Months 5-7 were great, I had lots of energy, I loved my baby bump, I could still play on the floor with Gray, but I didn't feel the anxious 'must do everything' vibe, because there was still lots of TIME?!

Once the 8th month hit,I started making the list, the dreaded things 'I must have done by the time the baby comes' list. Well, now that it's down to the last few weeks, I really wish I would've done some of these things a bit sooner. You would think I would learn the second time around!

Funny how all of this is done for a baby that is sitting and waiting patiently in my belly, who probably only cares that he is loved, fed, warm and changed. My efforts at making sure all his clothes are folded and in place and the floor behind the fridge is clean, probably seems like nothing to him.

All this nesting will be worth it though in the end...to finally meet Baby Pea Pod (who will probably be nameless for the first few hours, since Mike and I can't seem to find the perfect name!). So, I guess what's left is to just enjoy the TIME, the time spent together as a couple, as parents of a fantastic son, as mom and son and as dad and son....anticipating the arrival of our new baby boy.

Don't look at the all the cat hair...

My little book worm!

Oh, and for those of you who followed my Closet Makeover Challenge, the third closet is finished...

Remember the before:


(I would love to give all my closets a fresh coat of crisp white paint...but that will have to be on another to do list!)

*Blog posts may be far and few between for the next month or so...as we await and adjust to the changes to come. I won't completely leave you, I will still be here and I will for sure let you know when our Baby Pea Pod arrives...plus I still have to reveal the new nursery (which is still a work in progress!)


Nicole | Chic & Cheap Nursery said...

I remember that feeling. But it seems like you got a lot accomplished! Not everything in your To-Do list {because you're crazy to want to organize your kitchen cabinets on top of preparing for a new baby and putting together a big boy room for Gray} but still pretty good :)

I can't wait to see what your nursery looks like! From Gray's room, I can tell I will love it!

{and yes I use way too many exclamation points and smiley faces. I'm aware but I just get so excited about babies and decorating that I can't contain myself!!!}

Lish said...

Thanks for the support!!

I can hardly wait for the nursery to be completed as well...

...and I totally get the exclamation points and smiley faces ;)!!!

Jennifer said...

I just saw your maternity pictures on spearmint baby. Your story definitely has given me hope. We had quite the roller coaster getting pregnant with my son and we're going to start trying for #2 when my husband gets home from deployment soon. I've been so afraid that we're going to have a struggle this time around as well. While I know that everyone and every situation is different, it's comforting to hear of someone who had things easy the second go around. Congratulations on your second baby! Oh... I'm also addicted to "...". :)


Lish said...

Thanks Jennifer! I'm glad that you got some hope from my story. It's definetly hard 'trying' and not knowing when it will happen. All will work out for you though, I'm sure! Good luck! :)