Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Adventures

Westyn went down for an early nap this morning and we got out at 9am to blow some bubbles in the morning sunhsine. Well, more like momma blew bubbles and Gray chased them! 



We then went for what seemed like a nice walk...but was shortened to a screaming match with a toddler that wanted to run up and down the sidewalk and not hold mommy's hand or sit in the stroller.

Lunch ended with a peanut butter sandwich on the floor and a yogurt drink splattered all over the wall.

I was glad when it was nap time.

And what does Westyn do while all this takes place you ask? He chills.

Such a content little baby.

It's amazing what a nap can do, my bright eyed boy woke up refreshed and ready to go! After an afternoon of coloring and swinging, supper flew by and the night ended with a walk to the ice cream spot for Gray's first ice cream in a cone.


Have a great weekend!

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