Sunday, June 26, 2011


Warning-this is a photo loaded blog post! :)

For a couple days last week, our internet was down. Wow. It's such a strange and weird feeling to be 'out of touch' with people. Even with a phone at my fingertips, I relished in the idea of how lost I was in the daily happenings in everyones life. Mike was home on holidays all week, and we used our internet free time to do family things. I was worried how the week would go, since the three of us have a pretty good routine going during the week when Mike is at work. Sometimes it can be hard when someone comes into things and wants to help but they aren't sure when naps, snacks and feedings are.I find it tough to keep a calm attitude when schedules get altered, and kids get cranky. It did happen, and there were days when I wanted to pull out my hair because no one napped, and the naughty chair was well used, but as long as we stayed out of the house, things were good!

It was so refreshing to be out of the house. We went on several road trips last week, and I loved every moment (aside from the puke all over the car seat that happened Friday morning-that's a whole other story-and Mike cleaned it up-thank you!). Outside of the house there were no cranky toddlers, no screaming babies, no arguments between mom and dad, just fun.

Fun at the circus.

signs of fun-mosquito bites and scuffed knees

Fun walking on the trails.

How cute- 2 dads & 2 two year olds!

Fun sleeping.

That's how Westyn was sleeping at 6am when I went to check on him-he slept the whole night! YAY!

Fun at the zoo.

Don't worry Gray-that 'Kitty' won't bite!

Of course, Westyn enjoyed the Zoo too!

Fun in the rain.

How was your week? Any fun adventures?
Happy Weekend!

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