Thursday, July 28, 2011

To the beach we go...

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It's been blistering hot here in Southwestern Ontario and our list of options to do on a hot humid day are limited...So we decided to check our Summer Bucket List and on a last minute decision I decided the beach was our next venture. The day was slightly overcast, but it was perfect for a 4 month old who can't wear sunscreen...

That is probably the hardest part about a summer baby...shade is sometimes hard to come by and they get so hot sitting in their car seat!!

Anywho, what made the day even more perfect was that my best friend was back in our neck of the woods for a visit. She's currently ( I say currently, because I am convinced that one day she will return to Canada!) living in England, which is way to far away for frequent visits! This is the first time she's met Westyn and only the third time she's seen Gray!

So we packed up the car and headed to the beach!!

I forgot to pack the beach toys-empty margarine containers and plastic spoons do the trick as last minute sand pails and shovels!

"Why does Gray get to play in the sand and I don't?" heart is melting!

Surprisingly, the water was BRRR!

So many stones to choose from!

Were just as crazy as ever!


Starr said...

I had such a great time. I'm so glad we got to spend some time together and I got to meet the new little one. Miss you lots! xxx

Lish said...

Me too!!!! Love you and miss you lots!