Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wanted: September Ad Swappers!

It's that time again! Who wants to Ad Swap with me?

Can I entice you by saying that it is free...completely free...

Here's the deal...you give me your 150x150 ad...and I give you mine. We each display it for a month. I include all my advertisers in a small intro post and give you the option of having a giveaway. I promote all my giveaways on other social networking sites and a variety of linky parties...plus, I also advertise on popular, larger blogs...giving you even more exposure :)

Simple. Sweet. Free Advertising.

I am open to swapping with bloggers or handmade shops. Contact me at hummelalicia@gmail.com if you are interested!



ArtLover said...

my blog isn't popular!
i could put your button on my blog and you don't have to put mine all i want is a lovely postcard :)
---well i know that it is not what you asked for but i try my chance :P

Lish said...

I am open to any blogs...but I can't find your contact info/blog on your profile..please email me hummelalicia@gmail.com/