Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Airing My Dirty Laundry

I have no idea why laundry can not get put away in this house...

...there are baskets of it all over and although folded, the clothes never seem to make it into a drawer. I've been blaming it on the change of seasons because one day your wearing shorts and the next day your wearing jeans and long we've got the summer clothes out and the fall clothes at the same time and not enough space to house it all. Plus, with two growing boys there are constant piles of 'too big' and 'too small' clothes piled on dressers in every room. Toss a husband into the equation who puts his dirty clothes in a pile in the corner and add in two over flowing hampers...ya, that's a lot of clothes folks!

Maybe we need a bigger house with bigger closets!



Melanie said...

It has to be a nation wide problem! The problem is it never EVER stops coming! I feel ya girl.

Nessa said...

I have the hardest time with laundry too! I just wrote about how baskets are everywhere in my post for tomorrow. Hilarious.

Jordan Marie @ said...

awee.. i can't believe he fell asleep in the swing.. so stinkin' cute!
i still haven't taken letti to a park at her current age (being able to sit up).. i can't wait!

and the laundry.. umm.. have a garage sale!? then maybe you'll have more space?!