Thursday, September 29, 2011

For the love of barn wood

Window 5x7 -Burnt Corn, Alabama-Fine Art Photograph- old red barn, wood, gable, close up, rustic, country

The cold is making it's rounds in our neck of the woods...and we are all down and out. So much for accomplishing anything while hubby is home on holidays. I am glad he is home though to help out a sick momma with two sick boys! Lifesaver he is!

My Stalker Wednesday post didn't now it is a Stalker Thursday post..haha! I have always loved old barn board and recently completed a few projects that included using some old (and new) wood. Which I will post a little later.

In the meantime here is some inspiration for you in case your not quite sold on how great it will look in your home!

Barn Wood Towel Rack

Wood shelf Shabby chic furniture coat hanger Purple Lilac silver hooks 36"

Hope everyone is having a great week and we will see you tomorrow for Frivolous Friday's!

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Thanks so much! :)