Wednesday, September 7, 2011


This past weekend was a much needed break from life. There was lots of time to sit on the dock and dangle your feet in the water and just breath. think. reflect on life. and do NOTHING.

Strange how it takes being out of routine to bring to come to the realization that you need to slow down. I find it happens when I am looking at photos of weeks past as well. You finally get a chance to appreciate things and live in the moment.

Over the weekend I realized that I am doing to much. My focus is on so many things that I can't give 100% to just one. I kept telling myself that I like to have all these things to do, but the truth is that I am much more relaxed and pleasant to be around when I am not doing anything extra. My husband will vouch for this! Being away from the computer this weekend was a nice break, I felt as though there wasn't anything pulling me away from my kids, there wasn't an email I had to quickly respond to, or a blog post that was waiting to be published. I was almost relieved...don't get me wrong though, I love blogging! I am so glad that I found something I truly love to do. I guess what I realized is that I don't have to post 4 times a week, or if I miss a day of linking up somewhere, it's not the end of the world. I started blogging for me, to record those precious moments and preserve my impressions. And while I love where my blog is headed and all of the wonderful people I have and will meet, I need to find the BALANCE. Ya, there is that word again. Balance...every mothers wish.

So, while I am off finding balance in my life I will leave you with these beautiful pictures of our fabulous weekend.

Happy Wednesday!

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