Friday, October 28, 2011

DIY Toddler Lion Costume

When I asked Gray what he wanted to be for Halloween, he answered with 'ROOOARRRR...!' Ok, so a lion..LOL!? After having no luck with the google search thing on DIY Lion costumes and returning from Walmart thinking that $29 was way too much to spend on a two year olds costume, my wheels started turning. What I came up with is a super easy, super cheap costume that looks fabulously cute!

All day yesterday he had the tail on, then today when I wanted to get a photo, he wouldn't put it on! So here is just the front view. 


Brown Hoody
8x11 Sheets of Felt-1 Brown, 3 Tan & 1 Yellow (I got 3-8x11 sheets for $1.50 a the Dollar store!)
Non Permanent Double Sided Tape
Sewing machine
Cotton Bating

 Here's the hoody I will be using, which can still be worn afterwards, thanks to the use of double sided tape!

The Lions Belly
1. Using 1 piece of the tan felt, cut a circle/oval for the belly of the lion. I just used whatever size would cover the logo on the front of the hoody. Use double sided tape to adhere the felt.  

The Lions Mane
1. Cut the the brown sheet into two long strips and the rest into short strips. Measure the longer pieces to make sure they will fit in the inside of the hood. This will be what holds the mane in place.
2. Cut up 1 piece of tan and yellow into longer strips as well. I didn't measure anything, I just cut, and you can tell by my photo I didn't care if they were straight or not. You can be as precise as you want!
3. Roughly lay them out along side of the longer brown pieces. I alternated colors. This is what your mane will look like.

4. Sew the ends of the two longer brown pieces together and then sew the colored pieces in place.

5. This is what your mane should look like.
6.  Next, line the inside of the outer edge of the hood with double sided tape. Press mane in place.

The Lions Tail
7. Use the last sheet of tan felt to make the shape of the tail. Cut out a long piece of felt that is roughly 3 inches wide. Fold it in half and stitch along the one side. Leave the ends open.
8. Turn it in side right (in side out), or however you say it.

9. Gather 4 smaller pieces of felt, loosely stitch them together on one end.

10. Place the stitched end of the colored pieces inside one end of the tail piece. Hand stitch it into place. Then stuff the tail with cotton bating and stitch the last end closed.

Voila! A tail! I'm going to pin the tail to a belt and Gray will wear a pair of brown pants to complete his Lion Costume! Now, I'm off to make a costume for Westyn. He's going to be a raccoon, and I am going to use the same felt squares and a black onesie...

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Amy said...

Oh, wow, that is aDORable! I bet it's way cuter than the one in the store! He is just precious...and you can tell he loves it too! My son wanted to ROAR too...he's going to be a dragon. I am so glad you linked this at One Artsy Mama!

Rebekah @ The Golden Gleam said...

Adorable! My daughter was a lion last year, and I made her costume too with a hoodie, but your's turned out much better than mine. ;)

Emilee said...

Great idea! and Looks so stinking cute!
Thanks for sharing... I'm pinning for next year!

Vanessa said...

Oh my goodness, too cute for words! Thanks for linking up :)

Lolly Jane said...

Happy Halloween! Featured your CUTE costume at our Halloween round up today :)

Thanks for linking up!

Julia said...

Hi Alicia,

What a cute project! I love it so much that I decided to feature it in our roundup of lion crafts! Check it out here:

Have a great day!