Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crafters & Guest Posters Wanted!!!

Attention all bloggers, crafters, etsy shop owners, tutorial and guest post writers...I WANT YOU! I want you to help me Kick of Christmas starting on November 25th!!! I have a HUGE week planned...lots of giveaways, lots of tutorials & crafts, all centered around the holiday season. It is going to be one jam packed "I love freakin' Christmas" week!

I bet you want to be a part of it, don't you?! I want you to be too!

Here is what I am looking for...
  • November Ad Swappers-here's your chance to get extra exposure! This week long event will be sure to drum up extra traffic. Visit my sponsor page for more info. I am also advertising on some high traffic sites for the month of November-more exposure yet again for you! I only have 3 spots left!!!
  • Guest Posters for the following topics (home tours of your holiday decor, how you spend the holidays, what your traditions are, I am open to hear your ideas as well!)
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  • Tutorials on homemade tree ornaments & wreaths. Could be old tutorials or new, as long as they are awesome!
  • Recipes of your favorite holiday sweets and treats.
  • Etsy shop owners that would like to sponsor giveaways.
Please contact me if you are interested in spreading the cheer this holiday season! I can hardly control my excitement!

I do realize that Halloween hasn't even arrived yet, but I have an uncontrollable urge to plan and get things rolling...what can I say, I'm not that patient when I have an idea in my head! Plus, it has to do with Christmas and that is by far my favorite time of year!


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