Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sneak Peak-My Etsy Holiday Line

I'm not gonna lie...there have been a few Christmas Carols in my head lately and I even hum them aloud to myself...sorry! Too soon?! When my best friend and I lived together after college, she would play Christmas songs in July...cause she's crazy!! Apparently I am now too, LOL!

But I was getting in the mood for this...

My 2011 Holiday Photocard Line!!!
These haven't even made it to Etsy yet...I wanted you guys to be the first!

I wanted to try a bit of a different technique this year and design small groupings that had the same basics. As you can see I went a little crazy with the snowflakes and the doilies. I stuck with simple colors for the first set. Reds, blacks with pops of white...very classic, but modern. These designs are all interchangeable, meaning if you see colors or prints on one card but like the wording on another...I can totally customize it for you! Not only are these great for holiday greetings, but they would work equally well for birth announcements or for New Years Wishes! 

The next set I absolutely love! I combined a few of my favorite colors ( actually I love all colors-turquoise, mustard and taupe just happened to be my favorite that day!). But they work so beautifully together and it is a nice change to the traditional red and green. Perfect for cards that are going to be showing off your beautiful children...

I know that there are a million different shops out there that sell Custom Photocards...heck, you can even get them customized at Walmart! So why buy from me? Well obviously because I am cool! Haha! No seriously, I will not stop working on your card until you are absolutely impressed! I am much more fun then some big wig company and it is so easy, all correspondence is through email, and in the end you get a copy of the file to do whatever you like with it!

Am I selling it to you yet?

Come on over for a visit to view more cards...Imprintalish on Etsy.

P.S. These will be up on Etsy by the end of the week!



Stephanie said...

These are beautiful! I have to ask...what program do you use to do all of these graphics? Did you go to school for this or just figure our design on your own? p.s. I'm your newest follower!

Jordan Marie @ said...

awesome new designs!!
i am in love with the snowflakes and see this as my christmas card!!