Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Treats-Stained Glass Cookies with Chelsey @ The Paper Mama

Hello friends! My name is Chelsey from The Paper Mama! The lovely Lish invited me to share my sweet Stained Glass Cookies creation with all of you!
It's not my original recipe... I originally found this goody through Martha Stewart a few years ago... and, just FINALLY gave it a shot this year. Let me tell you: it's SUPER simple.

Pretty much all you'll need....
- Martha Stewart's Stained Glass Cookie recipe
- Cookie cutters (all different sizes).
- Jolly ranchers

Some tips from me: Crush the jolly ranchers last minute. We crushed them up way too early and they soaked up the moisture and got all stiff. AND: make sure to crush them super fine.

I hope you try it out! They make very pretty and simple gifts!

Thanks for having me Lish!


Ooohhhhh yummy!!! Thank you so much for coming over to visit and sharing these little Stained Glass Cookies with us Chelsey! I can't wait to try them!