Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kick Off to Christmas-Around the House Day!


Welcome back to day #4 of my Kick off to Christmas Event and a very Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

Today is "Around the House Day" and I've got some lovely ladies sharing some of their Christmas traditions with you, photography tips from me (at the end of this post) and some more decor inspirations!
Before we get on with those though...if you've missed out on some of the precious Christmas festivities click here to get up to speed AND to join in on the current giveaways!

With the holiday season coming and all those fabulous twinkling lights...picture taking mommas, like myself, are out in full force! I wanted to share a few tips on how to take beautiful photographs on Christmas morning...
Using a regular ole' point and shoot-
1. Make sure you pack your charger/extra batteries!!
2. Watch your flash-First, make sure there is lots of natural light where you will be taking your photos. If you want the lights on the tree to sparkle turn off your flash. If you want to get crisp photos of the kids running around with excitement-turn it back on.
3. Shoot in Continuous Mode-this is great for opening gifts! You won't miss a thing!

Ashley Ann Photography and Kevin & Amanda also give some great tips on how to make things sparkle and come out crispy clear!

For those of you that want a more advanced shot...try making your own cut out to create a customized bokeh...I HAVE TO TRY THIS!!

Christmas Tree Custom Bokeh - Top Christmas Pictures to Get Before the Tree Comes Down!custom-bokeh-tutorial-9
Kevin & Amanda


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