Monday, November 21, 2011

Kick Off to Christmas-Welcome to Christmas Decor Day!!!

It's finally here!!! My Kick off to Christmas week has officially begun and I can't wait for you to see all of the fabulous giveaways, cool gift guides, tutorials from my crafty friends around the blogosphere and lots more fun stuff!
Each day will feature 4-8 posts spread out between the hours of 9am-5pm on fabulous inspirational Christmas ideas! So grab a button above to spread the cheer and let's take a look at what's in store for you this week!

TODAY -Monday November 21st!
Christmas Decor day
Full day of ornament tutorials, a giveaway, crafty tutorials and inspirational decor ideas.
Tuesday November 22nd
For the Men Day
Giveaways and gift guides for all the men in your life
Free Printables

Wednesday November 23rd
For the Kids Day
Tutorials and gift guides!
 Thursday Novemeber 24th
Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Friends!
Around the House Day
Outdoor and indoor decor ideas
Family traditions
Friday November 25th
Gifts for the Ladies
Gift guides for all the women in your life
Handmade Gift Tutorials

Saturday November 26th
Holiday TreatsLots of yummy recipes from around the blogosphere!

Sunday November 27th
Wrap it up! FINAL DAY!Unique wrapping ideas
Tutorials on wrapping your presents

Up first today is a free stocking pattern I wanted to share with you from Amy Butler...

I'm dying to try bout you?

Funny story-I tried making stockings for Gray's first Christmas and I was die hard set on finding a dark charcoal felt...I couldn't find it anywhere, so I ended up buying this crushed velour fabric-it was beautiful! Not so beautiful to sew with, especially because I wasn't (and still am not) that experienced when it comes to sewing! Long story short, I was yelling, throwing things...I actually left the house because I was so stinking mad. I ended up at Winners... found two really cute stockings and bought them! Maybe when I am old and have forgotten about that experience I will attempt the pattern above.

Next up...Colorful Christmas Decor ideas!



Alyx said...

Hahaha, love the story. I feel like I would be the same way if I tried sewing a stocking. That's such a cute pattern, though!

Aimee said...

You've got things SUPER organzied! I'm impressed and taking notes! I'm loving following you!!!

Aimee @