Friday, December 2, 2011


Obsessing over: Christmas Decor, trying to get my own Christmas Cards done and our soon to be kitchen reno!

Working on: Tons of digital orders...Christmas and banner designs! Sponsor posts for my blog...Laundry and should probably start doing those dishes sitting in the sink!

Thinking about:  How a 2.5 year old could eat 2 eggs (scrambled), 2 pieces of toast and 3 clementines and still want more for breakfast?! Everything else under the sun (or rather clouds today!), getting dressed, getting my hair wet to stop the one side from sticking up-joys of short hair!

Anticipating: The weekend and Christmas! The first of our Christmas parties to go to tomorrow!

Listening to: Caillou on TV, the hum of the baby monitor and the wind outside.

Drinking: Water with drops of 'special medicine' (courtesy of mom- to fight away colds!)

Wishing: I knew where the potty seat disappeared too and if it was Gray who hid it in attempts to NOT use it? And for more free time in the day to blog hop and browse pinterest! :) For someone to come and cook me dinner!

What are you currently doing?


Unknown said...

I love that picture of the snow. I am currently having the worst time getting a photo for our holiday cards.

Melanie said...

I was so mad at being computerless for so long, I'm using it as an excuse no to do photo Christmas cards this year. I know, I'm a bad person! lol) Hello store bought cards here I come!

LOVE the snow, & the shot of your little one!

Also I really REALLY want chocolate now. Thanks to your heavenly post. Xo