Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our 2011 Christmas Card!

Don't I have the cutest little boys ever?! I'm a little biased though...heheh...If you missed my post showing off all of our outtakes, check it out here. You would never know that this photo was actually this photo...

SOOC shot
...thanks to some creative help from my beloved Photoshop! I'll post more on how I created our card later!

The Paper Mama

And of course I had to wrap them up all pretty....

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Melanie said...

These are incredibly pefectly ADORABLE! Kinda love em, can ya tell?!

Hey, you rock w/ Photo Shop. I have been trying to get more comfortable w/ it. I actually just have PS Elements 9.) Do you have any good tutorials in mind?

em said...

Awesome card! I love the outtakes!!

Alyx said...

Love it! Aren't lights the perfect background to replace a less than ideal one with?!
This turned out really cute!