Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Christmas

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!!!! I know we did, and it's not over yet!!! I was going to take a bit of a blogging break and not post anything till the 28th-we still have some visiting and traveling to do in the next couple days and it has been a busy, busy last 3 days! But I just couldn't wait to share our Christmas morning pics with you....

This is Christmas Eve, note the time on the clock...yep, it was a late night by the time we got back from spending the day with my side of the family and got things set up for spending Christmas morning at our house!

It was Westyn's first Christmas! Of course, he was the first one up at 5:30am!! Seriously, that is when he has been getting up we had a long wait till Gray got up (9am!) I wanted to go in and jump on him and say GET UP IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!! LOL!

When he finally got up, of course he immediately went for the tent! Which he loves! I wish I had made it bigger so I could fit in it too...hehe.

Westyn was more interested in the paper!

Look at the anticipation on his face-priceless!

Westyn is probably thinking 'Seriously, are they not done yet!'

The aftermath!

Our sweet family of four!
It's been a pretty awesome 3 days of Christmas events. Three different houses, three trees, about 5 hours of travel time, a bazillion presents, lots of laughter, hugs and good times! Our last celebration is tomorrow and then it will be back to regular programming for us on Wednesday. I've taken over 1000 photos and I am stuffed to the brim with good food!I'm exhausted, but happy!

As a side blog is a bit chaotic right now! I'm playing and rearranging so I can unveil a new design by the end of the week. New Year, new look!

Good night my friends!


melody-mae said...

What a cute TENT. So sweet! :) One question for you, if you don't mind. I have those red couches, they look just like the ones you have, I am in the market to change my wall color. What color is on your wall? In the first picture it looks green and the others it looks grey! I love it!

Alyx said...

Your home was decorated so cute! And I think my favorite part of Christmas morning is the wrapping paper scattered all over the floor!

Tonia @ said...

What a lovely family! My favorite picture is the aftermath...LOL!!