Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I've got lots of things to write about, so I am going to throw it all together into this random post! K?

First, Happy 8 Months Westyn! Your growing way too fast and I want you to!!

Second, I want to bring your attention to a really heartfelt story from Digger over at Digging Deeper. Digger has very generously put together some fantastic and thoughtful packages together for The Pendleton Place Children's Shelter in her community. Sometimes with out busy schedules, especially at this time of year, we often forget about the people that may not have a home to celebrate the holidays in... and it only takes one minute to make a difference. She is doing a pretty special thing over there and I am sure she would love any support you could give.

Third, I was guest posting over at Kahley's blog Ambiance Decor the other day...I shared a super easy ornament to display photos on your Christmas tree! You should go check it out :)

Fourth, Breena over at Life As This Mommy Knows It awarded me with the Versatile Blogger award! Thank you so much Breena! It definitely made me smile when I found out!

The Versatile blogger award goes to blogs that are newly discovered and offer some fun or inspiring ideas.

Accepting this awards requires me to list seven things about me ( I kind of made it my 7 addictions) and award some other blogs that I have newly discovered or offer inspiring ideas.

1. I'm addicted to my two wonderful adorable boys!
2. I'm addicted to my pretty cool husband.
3. I'm addicted to Pinterest.
4. I'm addicted to chocolate.
5. I'm addicted to my camera.
6. I'm addicted to Christmas decorating-is there such a thing as RE-decorating for Christmas? LOL!
7. I'm addicted to Photoshop.

Blogs awarded:
1. The Little Bean Sprout
2. Holding on to the Little Things

(I could probably list a ton more....but I am sleepy.....sorry)

Ok, I think that is it...ohh, I feel like I'm forgetting something...It's like I'm saying my acceptance speech at the Oscars and the music is playing in the background...eeek...Ok, Ok...I'm off to bed! Nighty, Night!



Amy said...

Wow, thanks lish! That was a nice way to start my morning..... You are so kind tome!

Digger said...

Thank you soo much for the shout out about the Pendleton Place! I really appreciate that help!! :)


Melanie said...

Westyn is such a little handsome hunk! OMGosh I want to sqeeze those cheeks! Congrats on the award, you rock my dear.