Thursday, December 8, 2011

Star Tree Topper Tutorial

The last piece to put on our tree every year is the star...but this year, as I plugged our simple little star in...there was nothing. No lights, no sparkle. Nadda. Of course, all the lights are tucked inside a plastic casing, so if you ever need to change them, you literally have to break the star in half. I obviously overlooked this fact when I bought it 5 years, no problem, we'll just go get another one. NOT! What is with all the crap tree toppers out there!? I didn't want something that blinked with every color of the rainbow or flashed like a nightclub! I just wanted white lights and a simple star. Well, I could not find it anywhere, so I had to move to plan B. Make it!

Look familiar? Yep, that's right...I used Kelly's fabulous tutorial on making a yarn wrapped star. I love it!! I could sit and wrap stars all day long, it almost therapeutic! The only change I made was to make it bigger and I left off the ribbon that would've hooked it onto the tree.

Next, I wrapped a small strand of white mini lights all around the star. I used ones with a white cord as to blend in with the color of the yarn.

Then I just nestled it into the tree and Voila! My very own tree topper...I think it looks pretty good and definitely costs a whole lot less then I would've spent on buying a new one!

Up close, the wires give it kind of a crazy look, but far away it glows so beautifully!

What's topping your Christmas tree this year?

Cherished Bliss



Melanie said...

I flippn LOVE this, Lish! We also need to get a new topper this year. Some short little dude, name starts w/ a "j", broke our angel last X-mas. It was pretty tacky, so it was ok w/ me. Tree looks Gorgouse too my friend!

karah said...

This came out great! I love the simplicity of it. I agree, all the madness out there is a little much for my style. Yours is beautiful!
Karah @

Nessa said...

SO Pretty!! It made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Now I HAVE to do this :)
We still don't have our tree yet though...

xo, Samantha

R. Chandra said...

this is SO cool :) !

just stumbled upon your blog & wanted to say hi. hehe, you also reminded me that i definitely need to get myself a tree this week. i'mma slacker!

Pearl said...

what an adorable star! perfect!