Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Sponsor Intros #2

I'd like to introduce you to some more of my monthly Sponsors (pssst...if you would like to be a Sponsor for February-email me!Space is limited!) But first, I would love for you to go check out these fabulous and talented ladies and I know they would love to hear from you too!!!

I'm a stay at home mother to three happy children and the writer of my little blog Through the Eyes of the Mrs. I spend my time with my family, volunteering at the school, and working to open my shop.

 I am more than a survivor, an evenly split dreamer and realist. Perhaps I have my feet (at least my tippy toes grounded) but my head is often in the clouds. I don't despise the mundane aspects of life, but instead strive to appreciate the beauty and mystery in each moment. I love God and I love my family. My daughter is a wellspring of life to me.
Hi everyone, I'm Kim from Tiaras and Bowties - Think Smink. I'm a decorative painting WAHM, juggling an active 10 year old son, a 15 year old daughter with multiple special needs, a live in Mother in Law with dementia and a Hubby; My days are simply cRaZy but I manage to keep it all together {duct tape works wonders - kidding!} by the GraCe of God.

Hi! I'm Amy from Up Mommy Creek. I'm a first-time Mommy to an awesome 6 month old. I blog about trying to navigate the unknown territory of parenting, recipes, attempts at crafting...pretty much a little bit of everything. Pop on by and say hi!


Hi, I'm Joanna from Brock Paper Scissors. Working girl turned stay-at-home mom and military wife. Join my adventures in raising a witty, rambunctious toddler, his equally adorable baby sister and everything in between.

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I'm Nicole - the Author & Creator behind the blog Miss Mommy.  I write about my life and share it on my blog.  I also create leather wrap bracelets and jewelry. 

My name is Kelly and I'm currently fortunate enough to be a housewife/homemaker.  2011 was a rough year for my hubby and I and pursuing our options for parenthood.  I've learned that I'm stronger than I ever thought I was, but that is due to my faith.  For the time being, I am enjoying taking care of my home, husband and furry friends.  I love my life and the journey that I am able to share with you {virtually}.

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My name is Digger and I spend most of my time trying to capture my children's childhood through the lens of my camera. I love hiking, camping, biking, reading, designing, sewing, traveling, rainy nights and sunny days. I got married in the summer of '03 and have spent the last 8 years learning what it's like to grow and change alongside my polar opposite. The goal now is to achieve balance in life: to be opinionated yet nice, to have pretty things and still save for a rainy day, to be a good mom but still find the "ME" in Mommy.

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