Monday, January 30, 2012

Reno Updates

Happy Monday!! Or is it? I know things here are moving along, but I dunno about happy. Gray was puking all Sunday afternoon, add this onto the fact that he decided to throw his soother (sucky) into the garbage on Friday night. He only used it when he slept, but Sucky was his well loved never to part with buddy. Well, it's gone! Friday night was rough, Saturday nap was rough, Saturday bedtime was better and Sunday was better fingers crossed that this is the end of, "where sucky gone?", "Sucky on holiday?", "I want Sucky back!" Oh, and Westyn's sucky went with it into the garbage (but not really, cause we have back ups for him). But Gray thinks that it's gone, so we have to keep hiding Westyn's on him!

Anyway, I've been getting some emails asking how the reno is going so I thought I'd give an update. Last week our contractor started ripping things apart.

Goodbye old/rotten roof

This was just the start of the mess!
The kids and I didn't stick around to much after those photos were taken. And of course, Mike, being a man, didn't take any photos at all during the whole 'rip off the ceiling and roof, sleep with a tarp over the sunroom while the wind whistled through our house' process. So by the time I got back, Mike and his dad were putting in the insulation. Then we had to wait for the building inspector to give us the green light to start the drywall.

Yes, that is my stove in the middle of my kitchen, it's actually supposed to go over beside the microwave. I love how open the sunroom is now. The peak of our new roof is so much better then the flat ceiling we had!

We got the go ahead to start the drywall, so Mike and his friend, Justin worked all day Saturday putting that up. We still have to do some filling and taping and then the dreaded sanding! Mike's dad also put in some electrical so we get to have a ceiling fixture!! I've finally got on top of the dust for the time being and we can now walk on the floors without our shoes on. The sunroom is still blocked off from about the stove back, until everything is finished. But at least the stove is back in the right spot, so I can cook dinner!!!
I actually got a ton of inspiration over the weekend for what I am hoping is the final 'look' I want for the kitchen. I've kinda been stuck in a rut on that whole thing, but now I can't wait to show you all my inspiration, I just need to finalize a few things!!!!


Ashley said...

That peaked roof is awesome! It really opens up the room.

Ashley said...

That peaked roof is awesome! It really opens up the room.

Alyx said...

So at least some good is coming out of the rotted rooftop! Now you're gonna have high ceilings in that part of the house! Awesome!

Joyce said...

Oh dear re suckie!!! His idea to put it in he garbage...especially when he is sick! The sunroom looks huge....can't wait to visit and see the transformation!

hong kong property said...

a lot of light will be coming inside the room now=)