Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{Wordless Wendesday} Dancing in your underwear...

Sometimes dancing in your underwear (or rather diaper) is just soooo appropriate...
I tell ya,  your looking at the next Tom Cruise!

I'm a little behind on the picture taking this week, as this happened a couple of weeks back, pre-kitchen. I was trying to pack the kids bags for a weekend away, finish packing the kitchen, plus a million other things, and after struggling to get clothes on Gray, decided he didn't have to wear pants for the time being. I cranked the music and we had a little dance party in the living room. It felt good just to dance like a crazy person! The hilarious thing is that he is totally checking himself out in the cabinet with glass doors as he dances!!

What do you do when your kids kick and scream and won't put on their pants?

<P>then, she {snapped}



Joanna said...

Totally Risky Business!

andie jaye said...

you gotta pick your battles, right? i totally understand. sometimes Bear wants to wear his clothes inside out :P

totally off topic... but what is the name/brand of your wall color?

Melanie said...

Ahahaaa... what a ham! Love it! Superman shirt, underoos, & red socks... now that id an outfit.)