Monday, February 20, 2012

March Sponsor Call!

Ah, March! The first true signs of Spring come in many forms in March...hues of green poke through the brown muddiness. Crocuses and Snowdrops awaken to the warm sun. Thoughts of capris, tank tops and flipflops enter my mind (although don't quite make it out of the closet, yet!). The feeling of freshness creeps into the house while spring cleaning with the windows open! And it just may also be a certain someones birthday month-ME!

What do you do in March?

How about you Sponsor Imprintalish? How fun would that be?! I've got lots of fun things planned for March, including my kitchen reno reveal, some fun DIY's, and of course the usual fun like How Pinteresting Wednesdays and Frivolous Friday's Linky!

If your interested in prices and info, or participating in an AD Swap click here or email me!

Large Feature Spots are sold out for March, June, July!


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