Friday, February 10, 2012

Share the Love-Meet my Sponsors Part 1

Well, February is the month of LOVE isn't it? So in the spirit of the season I would love for you to show some lovin' to my Sponsors this month! I am so lucky to be able to get to work with all of these talented ladies and hope that you have the chance to stop by their blogs and shops just to see first hand how incredible they are!
Kathleen is the lovely lady behind this shop. Her pieces are fabulous and so unique. From weathered money clips for men to delicate stones on beautiful chains for women. Her work is truly gorgeous!

My name is Maria and I am the shop owner of PinkCamelia. When I opened my shop in Spring 2009, I sold felted bags! Then "life got in the way" and I had to close my shop- I have six kids! As I quickly approach The Big 50, one of my goals is to get my shop going again! So I reopened this Fall with my line of casual jewelry. Casual jewelry has been a joy for me! I LOVE going to the bead shop and handpicking all of my strands of gemstones! I never know what I am going to make until I fall in love with a stone. The faceted ones are my absolute favorite. A lot of time, and thought, and fun have been put into each of my pieces! When I am wearing my ruby leather wrap bracelet with my sweatpants, I still feel really fancy!

"Hello there!  Savannah here, I blog over at Rolled Up Pretty and post just about anything!  I'd love for you to come say hello!"

I'm just a full time student, part-time worker and in the in-between an employee of my own creations. My blog is an all around kinda blog relating with crafting, sewing, and baking. I'm just amazed by uniqueness its my true weakness.

We are The Letter 4. 4 sisters who grew up so close to one another, and now stay connected through our blog since we live far apart. We love crafting, cooking, style, and just sharing our lives through our blog.

My name is Kate (or mK) and I am a wife to Dustin, current resident of Nashville, TN and a lover of all things creative! I enjoy writing about my journey through life, the fashion I wear for it and the amazing people that I meet along the way!

 Hi! I'm Bailey. You can find me over at my little blog, Lost&Found.  I blog about my adventures in the kitchen, passion to see the world (Mongolia, anyone?), clothes I will never be able to afford, and all of the other good, challenging and always random moments that make my life, my life. I love the exclamation mark, hate odd numbers, eat too much peanut better, love a great run, and have a new found appreciation for US National Parks.  I am engaged to my best friend- the love of my life.  Although we are definite dog people, we have two amazing fluffs, Moose and Frankenstein- they are our babies and they know it!  Head over and say, Hi!  


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Melanie said...

Those all sound VERY cool! I will go check em out! LOVE the 4 sister blog, how neat is that!

Hey mama, btw.... some one has a bloggy button finally! wink wink... hint hint?

I'd love to sponsor swap w/ ya. Well your already on my blog! Lol..., but I wil be doing a sponsor feature soon... so?