Monday, February 13, 2012

This colorful life...

Sometimes life is so black and white. Right or wrong. Good or bad.

It takes everything in your might not to hide under the blankets and tell everyone to go away.

It goes from one extreme to another.

And then out of nowhere, things brighten up. Shades of yellow, orange, red...they emerge as if to say 'hello, here I am.'

It's in colored beads on the floor.

Babies that fall asleep in their high chair at lunch.

Toy cars parked at the side of the play mat.

Little boys that have learned how to play peek a boo-and open drawers!

Color emerges through frustrated tears that are easily calmed with a hug...

...and through curious eyes watching and learning.

 then, she {snapped}

Today was full of color, nothing black or white.
 Just simple, happy life.


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Ashley @ FHD said...

You have such beautiful children! And a wonderful way with words and photos.

Melanie said...

OH my sweet friend, these are absolutely beautiful! Jax is jealous of the boys cool cars toy bin, btw. He went nutso when he saw it in the background! Cars is his "thing" right now!

OMgosh. This giveaway is RAD! OMGosh. RAD! (Yes, I said RAD!!! Lol.

Hope you had the best V-Day mama!! XO