Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Barrel Bead Knot Tutorial with Maria @ PinkCamelia!

The Barrel Bead Knot is one of my favorite knots. It looks great when made with leather or other thick cords. I like to use it as a bead for a rustic, organic look.

The Barrel Bead Knot Tutorial

Make a loop with your cord and lay one end on top of the other.

Carefully wrap the cord around towards you two or three times.

Take the end of the cord that you have been wrapping and insert it thru all of your loops towards the other end.

Now pull on both ends to tighten your knot.
Tada! You have just made a Barrel Bead Knot!

Friendship bracelet using The Barrel Bead Knot.

Thanks so much for sharing Maria..this looks so easy and it turns out so well!! I can't wait to try it!!

Check out Maria's shop PinkCamelia for more fabulous items! AND she will also be giving away a Barrel Bead Knot Friendship bracelet in next months giveaway (a super duper BIG giveaway!)

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love everything about this friendship brace;et!!
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