Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Embracing Change

One of the first blogs I started reading was Kelle Hampton's Enjoying the Small Things. If you are not familiar with her blog, you have to go and do so...I am telling you right now. Stop reading my post and go read this post of hers. Wait. Make sure you come back, K?

Ok, your back. Don't you feel enlightened? Alive? I seem to forget about the simple things on a daily basis and Kelle always reminds me of those moments.

My question to myself is 'Why can't I remember all those magical moments that Kelle writes about on my own?' I do all those little things, all of them...yet I do them in a rush. Never enjoying each one fully.

At the end of the day, as I sit down and blog, I'm reminded that I too experienced those little things. But I find it is a constant battle within myself to remember to slow down.

So one day at a time, I'm trying to put the magic back into my life and just be content...

...to fully embrace springing forward. To embrace the change that is needed to grow.

The Nitty Gritty:

One of my first changes is to implement a Home Management Binder. I will definitely share once I compile everything together too. This will hopefully allow me to manage my time better. Also, over the next month I am cutting back on the amount of posts I write on my lovely blog here, while I get a frim hold on what it is that I need to do and waht changes need to happen. But I have a bunch of fabulous ladies lined up to share some spring inspiration and tutorials with you to fill up some gaps so you won't even notice! Along with these decisions will come some other minor changes to my blog as well, which I will probably announce in April!

P.S. I've got a giveaway going on at Rolled Up Pretty today for a chance to win a $25 shop credit to Imprintalish the Shop-all of the photographs above you can find at my shop!Enjoy!

P.P.S Thank you sooo much for reading, I appreciate each and every one of you :)


Alyx said...

Oooh, can't wait to hear what the changes are!
and I totally need to learn time management as well, so let me know when you've got that one all figured out!

Melanie said...

excited to see your binder, what a fabulous idea! I too need to manage my time better. MUCH better!

Lish, these shots are SO beautiful.