Monday, April 30, 2012

The If's, And's & But's of My Life Lately

IF I could get my 'time' organized better, I think something might actually get accomplished (like cleaning the dark dungeon of a basement we have) on a weekend, BUT, then we wouldn't have had time to do nothing and go for walks to the Dam with friends and meet new family members.

AND lately, time together as a family has been taking precedence over everything-as it should be right?
I really want to enjoy this time I have with my kids as a SAHM. They are only young once AND I want to be the best mom I can be without having to juggle things around. BUT some days it seems like I am still juggling no matter what. Maybe IF I didn't have this desire (flaw?) to be superwoman things would be different...

IF my time was better organized I wouldn't be so hard on myself for not getting something done right away. AND it's not even the general cleaning daily things (although that has been slacking too), but the designing/blogging thing that I feel like I am not giving 100% on. BUT in all honesty, I've lost about an hour and a half of 'me' time in the afternoons-which seriously makes for long days. It seems that my almost 3 year old, doesn't like to nap anymore...

...except on the occasion above. He feel asleep on the couch one cute is he!? In is little boy undies! IF only that would happen everyday AND believe me I have tried! AND I haven't wrote much about potty training, but for the last 3 weeks we've been going strong and haven't had an accident for a couple days now!Woohoo!

So not sure why I expect myself to get as much done as I did when I had that extra time to myself AND to top it all off I'm kinda working on a little 'secret' business. I love little handmade shops and I creep them all the time AND while I have a shop on Etsy-I don't necessarily categorize my shop as handmade. I mean the process is handmade..I take the photos, I edit the photos... BUT a camera and computer do most of the it's not 'really' made with my own two hands. I love making things, you name it, I will try it and I consider myself to be pretty crafty. What I am working on takes everything I am interested in and ties it all together. Right now I am in the planning, trial and error phase AND I hope to show it to you, IF AND when everything comes together! At least a little sneak peak maybe in a couple months or so. Until'll have to wait!!! :)

IN other news, my new part time job is working out pretty well AND I soooo enjoy the break away from home/kids/dishes! This will be my first full week of it AND it's also supposed to be really warm this week too...which is a bonus because I am working outside! IF I didn't tell you already, I forget if I did,  BUT I'm working in a Garden Center :)

Hey, AND did any of you notice that I totally missed posting the  Frivolous Friday linky post on Friday..yep, didn't think so, LOL...IF you are one of few people that link up, I'm sorry! I completely forgot! And because I can't even remember I don't expect you guys to Frivolous Friday's is going under lock and key. Done. No More.

Oh, AND speaking of change...why is it that Blogger and Gmail and Facebook and everything else under the sun always has to change?! It's so annoying! What I really can't stand is that when I read a blog in my reading list on Blogger I can't open multiple windows with each blog. For days now I've been wondering why I hadn't read certain things, cause I was clicking on it...BUT it opens it in the same window on top of each other!! now I have to actually choose 'open in new tab'...makes multi tasking so difficult!
Anyway, that's what's been going on in my life in a recap...

Oh AND last but not least you still have until midnight tonight to enter my two huge giveaways! Look up to the top right sidebar (I'm too lazy to put in the links-lol) and the May Day Follower Fest starts tomorrow too :) YAY!!!


Melanie said...

Ahhh... nappy in undies on the couch SO freakn CUTE! Happy the new job is going well my friend. Gosh, a little actual "grown up talk sounds quite nice... AND face to face, not over the wires... sounds AWESOME!Lol) YAY for little man & potty training! It sounds like he is A-ok! Jax is ALMOST A-ok?!

Ahhh... I am gonna miss Friv Fridays!

Kimberly said...

I think when we become mommy's we should get an extra set of hands for each child and at least an extra 8hr in each day that we can do what we need to. But since that don't happen we juggle everything and still get upset when we find out we're really NOT superwoman we just think we are :)

He's so adorable sleeping there you can tell how he was laying he did not mean to go to sleep :) Congrats on the new job it's always good to get out and do something to help you stay sane.

As for these social medias and all changing things I don't know why but I do know I don't like it!

Michelle G said...

Way too many things to address here! So, YES, the kids should be the priority now, but it is haaaard! I understand. I struggle every day with what really needs to be done, what I just WANT to get done and spending time with my kids. They are only small for a little time. I wish you luck on the nap thing. Both of my kids quit young, too. Man, I miss nap time!! And, OMG! You are NOT kidding about the websites constantly changing. Blogger changed mine last week and I nearly flipped out. I was able to change it back, but it looks like it will be permanently changing this month sometime??? I hope you have wonderful day! Thank you for hosting the hop/giveaway above.
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