Friday, April 27, 2012

Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge-Rain/Water

There is something about the air after it rains.

 So refreshing and clean.

Like when you get out of the shower. Everything is calm and still.

You wipe the steam from the mirror and you see your reflection.

Wet and glistening.

An unmasked beauty.

Just like the ground after it rains, it looks familiar but just in a different way.


P.S. Only 4 more days till the May Day Follower Fest!!!


alicia said...

Oh my goodness! I'm in love with this series of photos. All of those reflections? Gorgeous!! Outstanding work! Thanks so much for sharing these with us!

Tish said...

These photos are beautiful! I love the reflections you captured in the pooling water! You are right, there is a "clean" feeling about the rain! I think my daughters are thankful for the rain this week ... it washed away some of the pollen that's been aggravating their allergies!! :D

Melanie said...

Uhmmm hello fabulous photographer! These are SOOOOOOOO cool Lishy. LOVE the tree reflections on the puddles. Perfect mama!!

Satakieli said...

Beautiful reflections, love them so much!

Thanks for taking part in the Leap into Spring Photo Challenge!

Creating Through LIFE said...

Love the tree reflections! I agree there is something wonderful about the air after it rains, it's so fresh.

Gussie Schmitz said...

The reflections that you captured are beautiful!! great job!!