Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Little One Year Old!!!

I'm back!!!! Phew, it was a long week. I was having major withdrawal symptoms. It's one thing to have a planned break and quite another to have a major unplanned disruption. But my computer is back, virus is gone and files are all in the right place! I am now working on backing up everything. I know, I know, your supposed to back up all the time, I just find it annoying, but I guess not as annoying as losing that is my project tonight after I reply to a bazillion emails and share something with you guys...

Westyn is ONE!!!
One year ago, yesterday morning I was holding this gorgeous little beautiful baby boy for the first time. I can't believe that a year has flown by already!

At 25 pounds and just branching out into the world of walking (he stands on his own and pushes things around), this blue eyed cutie pie is such a happy little cuddler. He loves putting things together and stacking blocks, always trying to figure out how something goes inside the other. He goes nuts for Cheerios and loves looking out the front window!

Happy Birthday Westyn!

P.S. Head on over to Happy Jax to check out my bloggy buddy Mel's feature post on me :)


Melanie said...

Happy Birthday you blue eyed cutie pie! So glad your back Lishy!! XO

LOVE the chalk board pic.)

Kylie Kreikemeier said...

Happy birthday little guy! Such a cutie, Lish!! :)

Breena said...

Happy Birthday! He is so sweet!

Kristina Torrejon said...

Oh happy Birthday to your 1 yr old!! My little one turned 1 in Feb - time flies doesn't it? Love the picture with the chalk board :)

Angee @ Sunshine in my life said...

Happy Birthday Westyn!