Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight-Jen @ Four Marrs One Venus

What Is Happening all you IMPRINTalish Lovelies?!  
A great big Thanks to Lish for having me over today!

I go by Jen, but Jennifer to my husband when we are talking "serious" 
California girl, married my High School Sweetie 13 years ago in a Las Vegas Drive-Thru Wedding Window. No joke- it was Awesome! We have three boys ages 13, 9 & 5! We love our Baseball in this house, and I am a proud button wearing mom who cheers loud and spits seeds! I love change, flow, color, and organization! Cooking has become a new hobby of mine, along with crafts and sewing ohh-la-la! 

I started my little blog 4 months ago and have really enjoyed meeting other bloggers! Also it is amazing how much insight, inspiration and talent is out there! I eat it all up!

My blog is full of 3 Cute Boys...and One Stud
{oh, and crafts, cooking, you know all that good stuff}

Let the Spilling begin!

Describe a typical day in your house...
1st wake up at 4:30am to get the hubs his coffee/lunch {yes I am one of those} w/ a kiss.
2nd wake up at 7:30am get my 7th grader off to school.
Come home, get my 3rd grader ready for school, then drop him off at 8:40am
{all above done in my P.J.s}
Come home, then the fun starts. COFFEE!! 
Get my coffee and Derek {yes I still have one home with me} Chocolate milk
and Up we go. Mom on Computer, Derek on Cartoons.
However long we want.
11? 1? ???
I try to get laundry done and house picked up before I pick up kids by 3:10pm
Boys start homework, baseball maybe? Tae Kwon Do practice?
I start Dinner. Dad gets home around 6, we all eat.
Chill until about 7:30pm.. then we all head UP!
Boys brush teeth {on a lucky day} and read in their beds until 8pm
I go in and tuck them in.... then I send dad in to tuck them in.
I hit the computer...play catch up because I had to have missed something!!!
Read for 1/2 hour...then eyes are closing..bed by 9:30pm

                         If you could describe yourself in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Why? I just love to have a good time. I love to make others feel good and smile. Smiling is such a huge thing for me...such an easy thing we can do to make someones day that much brighter! I love talking.... on the phone, to myself, singing to a great jam- Good times! See...here I go again describing myself..not just on the one word! Sorry! 
FUN. :)

                                           What's your favorite thing about blogging?
This one's easy. Meeting new friends. I have really enjoyed getting to know other bloggers! Real connections are the absolute BEST thing about Blogging! 

Where do you go for inspiration?

I go to other Blogs and Pinterest! I also Google what I am looking for...and I LOVE the fact that it usually results in a link to a Blog! Awesome! 
                                                    Anything else you want to tell us...?

Just that I love new friends, coffee and to have a good time!
Sound like you? If so... get on over and say HI!  We are like 2 peas in a pod!
I really Hope to meet you soon!

Thank you again Lish for having me today! I loved sharing a bit more about me to your readers! Your blog is stunning and full of such awesome inspiration..this is truly an honor to be over here! 

I love getting to know my Sponsors a bit more and I love being nosy and finding out how people spend their days ;D Thanks so much for sharing Jen!

Want to get to know Jen some more? I thought so!



Shannon Fox said...

I'm still stuck on 4:30am.
I need a nap now ;)
You are one busy momma!!
Now, I will officially think your projects are even MORE fabulous since you must do them in your sleep ;)

Unknown said...

Holy crap, girl! You get up at 4:30 a.m.??? I can't even wrap my head around that!! Or the 9:30 bedtime! Aside from all that, you're just perfect in my book!

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

4:30 yes-- but I do go right back to sleep! Then awake at 7:30....it's not that bad! :) You ladies are so sweet! Thank you for your LOVE!!!