Saturday, June 30, 2012

{Featured Sponsor} Gaia Metal Studio

Golden Yellow Blister Shell and Sterling Silver Ring---Size 6

This month I am welcoming back a previous sponsor of mine, Gaia Metal Studio. If your not familiar, Gaia is full of stunning pieces for both men and women. Kathleen has such a way with metals and stones, telling a beautiful story with each piece that she creates...

Pear  Shaped Mookaite Jasper Earrings set  in Shiny Sterling Silver

                           Pear Shaped Mookaite Jasper Earrings

Mens Copper Tie Clip---Textured with Pleated Edging in Antique Finish

Brass  Money Clip---Shiny  Finish with Dimpled  Texture

Mens Sterling Silver Tie Clip---Dimpled  Texture in Antique Finish

Oval Amber and Sterling Silver Posts

For more Gaia Metal Studio..
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Cropped Stories said...

Oooo, very cool! Love me some jewelry! Thanks for sharing! I'm off to check it out!