Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Furniture Makeover by Robin @ Garage Sales R Us

Hello Imprintalish readers!  My name is Robin and I am so excited to share a guest post with you all today!

I blog over at Garage Sales R Us where I share with everyone my experiences and the amazing things I find each week. I also love to show everyone what I do with the things I find. I love to upcycle furniture.  I just finished with a dresser and two night stands I found at a garage sale for $15 dollars! Click Here for that project.

I also love to show off the fashion I find at garage sales and second hand stores through my Fashion on a Dimes and Kid's Corner

My total outfit cost is $17.50!
 Click here to find out where I bought it.

 Paisley's total outfit cost is $2.25!
Click here to see where I bought it.

Today I am going to share with you my latest upcycle project. I like to design furniture sets and find all of my pieces for my upcycles at garage sales. I found this headboard and footboard at a garage sale for $20 dollars.

I found these night stands for $6 dollars a piece.
 I also found this dresser for another $20 dollars.

I had all the furniture I needed for a full size bedroom set. Now all I needed was some inspiration.
I was on my way home from garage saleing one Saturday morning when I saw a sign that had not been up when I passed by earlier. I decided to stop and found this amazing old trunk and these two whicker ottomans. I paid $3 dollars for the trunk and $1 dollar a piece for the ottomans! $5 dollars for all of it! GREAT STEAL!

I love the paper on the inside of the trunk too!
 With this, I had my inspiration. I wanted to do a bedset that was a shade lighter than the old trunk with white and gold accents. After I picked out my paint color I got to work.

I used a deglosser to rough up my surface and help my paint adhere a little better. A deglosser is a liquid that cuts out your sanding step and saves you lots of time! Then I primed, painted and glazed each piece of furniture. I also decided I wanted to do a stencil on my headboard and old trunk so I ran over to my neighbors and designed a stencil on her Sure Cuts A Lot. I really wish this program was still around! Then we used freezer paper and cut my stencil design out with her Cricut machine.

I used freezer paper because it can be ironed on to almost anything! After bringing my stencil home I ironed it onto my headboard and the top of my trunk.

Make sure all of your edges are ironed down really good that way the paint can't sneak under them. I used a Martha Stewart pearl gold metallic paint and dabbed it on to give it a textured look.

After your done painting your stencil on take your paper off right away. I made the mistake of waiting too long on the trunk and my paint came off with my stencil. I had to go make another stencil and re paint it on.
My final step was to put a clear coat over the top of all my furniture and I was done! 
Here are my before and after pictures.






I love the colors and how everything turned out.  My original plan was to fix it up and sell it but I am so tempted to keep it! It's a little too big for my guest bedroom though! So sad! 
Thank you for reading and I hope you all will stop by and join us over at Garage Sales R Us!

Thanks for letting me guest post Lish!

Oh Robin...this set is so gorgeous...I will buy it! LOL...shipping charges would probably be through the roof...so maybe someone local will need to give it a good home :) Stunning though, the colors you choose are so beautiful and you've inspired me to take a little walk to a local thrift store today :)


Lindsey Edwards said...

Thanks so much for having her on your blog today! I'm a huge fan of garage sales and I feel very inspired by her work! She has another follow thanks to you!

garagesalesrus said...

Yeah thanks for following Lindsey!! Thanks you so much for letting me guest post Lish! If you have anything you want to guest post for me I would LOVE to have you!

MostWhatMatters said...

I love this post! I am your newest follower. Found you through the bloghop and a giveaway!

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