Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July News & Giveaway Winner

Woowzas...hello July!!! Summer is in full swing and I can't wait to soak up all it has to offer this month! First, please head on over to my sidebar and get your clickitty click on to my lovely July Sponsors. There are some fabulous return Sponsors and lots of new ones for you to check out too, they truly are a great round up of some very talented shop owners and bloggers!

Ahhh...our weekend away was beautiful, I am still going through about 500 photos, plus ones from our day adventures last week too. Hubby was off the whole week, so we spent tons of time doing things with the kids. You probably didn't even notice that I wasn't around as much, all thanks to pre-scheduled posts!! Gotta love that function :)

July around here is pretty special, not only does it kick off with Canada Day, but July is filled with birthdays and anniversaries (OUR 9TH!) for us. I am also planning a few very special things for Imprintalish! As some of you know, I have an Etsy shop for all my photography prints and well, let's just say that it has been deeply ignored for the past few months! So I thought I would kick off July with a HUGE SALE!

Head on over to my shop and use the code JULY50 

In other shop related news, I've kinda been hinting that I've been working on opening a handmade shop in the fall. I am hoping that this will be open sometime in August on Storenvy. I am not giving out to much information yet...but I can tell you that it is accessories made from jersey fabric, beads and a bit of everything else! I am super excited and a teeny tiny bit stressed that it may be too much, haha...the joys of owning your own business! I've been trying to come up with a really cool name for my new venture, but think that I will be sticking with Imprintalish{Handmade}!

In other July news I am FINALLY going to be joining Twitter!!!Um, ya I think I am the last blogger on the earth to be making the big leap! I've put it off this long, so why am I doing it, you ask? Well, I think that business wise it is the right decision in order to see more growth and to make more connections with people. 

OH AND, I just casually popped over to my Stats section on Blogger and saw this!!!!!!!!!!
How cool is that?!! You guys rock!!! Thank you so much!! Btw, how many of you actually use the Blogger Stats or do you use Google Analytics? Sometimes my Bloggers stats are higher (which is most likely the case here) then Google's which makes me think that it's not quite as accurate...but if it is, I'm OK with that, LOL!!! YAY!!!

Now....I know you are all dying to know who won the June Giveaway...soooo...

Congratulations! Check your email Rebecca!
That's all for today folks!!!!!



Cropped Stories said...

All gorgeous shots like always! Congrats on your page views; very cool and exciting!

alex said...

Congrats on your stats! No wonder you're doing so good, your blog is super pretty! And your pictures are beautiful(: