Friday, July 13, 2012

Self Portrait Tips- A Mini Series


Hi! I'm Kristine, the gal behind the camera at Kristine Lynn Photography. I'm super excited that Kelly asked me to sponsor this self portrait mini series. I hope that you'll find some inspiration to grab your camera, experiment, have fun and link up with us on July 27th! I recently grabbed my camera on a Saturday afternoon and decided to challenge myself and take some casual/comfortable self portraits. In the past, I’ve always done it with a point and shoot camera because it’s easier, {just sayin’} but this time I wanted to use my Canon 5D MarkII. I learned quite a bit, but enjoyed the challenge of understanding how to the hold the camera, where was the best place to shoot in my apartment, and how to achieve different shots/angles. So, I thought I would share a few tips with you based on my experience and encourage you to try it out! Now, I’ll preface upfront that I took several with the camera held in front of my face, but because it was the first time with my MarkII and it's much heavier than a point and shoot, I had little expectations and wasn’t sure I would like any of the images {grin}.

5 Basic Tips to Capture Your Own Self Portrait:

Determine a location that has sufficient light.
I captured my images by the French door leading to the deck off my apartment. The lighting was AMAZING!! Window light is ideal, but if you have a well lit room…try it out and see.

Use a reflective surface.
I used an over the door mirror. Reflective surfaces offer a lot of variety based on your creativity. Just remember to look at the camera in the mirror and do not use a flash {smiles}. I didn’t look at the camera for some of my images and LOVED them….so keep that in mind as well. Think creatively.

Hold the camera at various distances.
In these images, I wasn’t even holding the camera at arm’s length, but I think that you have to find the distance that works for you and is comfortable. Holding the camera closer to you will capture more expression and details. You may find that you like that a bit more.

Take several shots.
You are your worst critic, so keep shooting until you find the perfect shot…or maybe you’ll capture several! The key is to be patient with yourself and with your camera.

Challenge yourself.
If you want to capture self portraits regularly…try different things like lighting, posing, locations, and angles. Trust me…the sky is the limit!! I know some ladies that have done the 365 self portrait challenges where you take a picture of yourself every day. Now that is a challenge!!

These tips are basic, I know…but sometimes it helps to have pointers when wanting to try something out. It took me awhile to figure out how to hold the camera and what distances I liked and what worked best. I also found that I was trying too hard at times and my expressions were “fake” {trust me…if you saw all the shots, you’d have a good laugh}.

Do you have any pointers you'd like to share? Leave them in the comments. I'd love to see them! Next week, I'll share some of my self portraits along with my camera settings, and so forth. We'll also be sharing some of the rules to the link up. So, be sure to start capturing your self portraits over the next couple of weeks, we'd {love} to have link them up on the 27th! Please note that you do NOT need a professional camera. Camera phone shots, point and shoots, and/or Instagram photos are ALL welcome. One winner will be chosen and will win a $25 Starbucks Gift Card. Here’s to capturing an AMAZING self portrait!!

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Melanie said...

OH! This sounds fun & a little scary. I like being behind the cammy. I am SO in though! Can't wait, such a cool link up FL!

Evelyn said...

I need to try this, I am not photographic so I'm scared, Lol! Thanks for the tips, I may start experimenting and trying some of these shots. Just dropping in from Live Laugh and Rowe to meet and greet.
I am now following you.