Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tutu's & Bows-Baby Portraits

I was so excited when my Sister-in-law asked me if I would like to take some photographs of my sweet little niece Khloe. She is such a doll and the cutest little girl ever! Out came the tutus and ribbons and bows...I was tickled pink with all the girlishness...Here are a few of my faves from that day !

Happy Jax


Taara said...

Love the wedding rings on her little toe. What a great idea!

Marilyn said...

Oh my!!!! i fell in love more as I scrolled down.. SIMPLY beautiful. That face.. Just melts my heart and lights up SMILES>>> GREAT capturing.. I love this.. SO beautfiul!!! So cute..Thanks SO much for linking to Finagle A Foto this week. Super amazing series here.. Wishing you a beautiful week.. xoxo.. (Marilyn - Co-host)

Unknown said...

Awww! She is SUPER cute!

Melanie said...

Uhmmm... hello miss amazing... & HOLY Golly GOSH... I want a baby! She is so sweet. You rock the socks off that camera girl, nuff said. xo

Yay. Thanks for linking up F.L. (That's my new nick name for ya. That way people won't think I'm a big crazy meanie) lol)

Big Apple Mami said...

such a sweetie!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the big purple flower on her head. Adorable.
Laurie @ Pride in Photos