Monday, August 20, 2012

Colors & Autumn-Brooke @ Silver Lining

Hi there! I'm Brooke, and I blog over at Silver Lining. Lish let me take over for the day and talk about some of my favorite things - colors and autumn.
I'm such a color person. I think in color all the time, and I love using colors. So you can understand that I totally loved Lish's blog from the start. She uses so much color in her writing, and in her photography. Fall is my favorite season for many reasons. The weather! Fall boots! Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! Maybe my favorite thing about autumn, however, is the colors. Auburn, gold, plum and mustard are the colors I've been anxiously watching for as summer slowly turns to fall this year.
Colors are important as a schoolteacher too. I love me some vintage neutral colors, but the thing is - 5th graders aren't into vintage neutral. They're into bright and clean and fun. So I choose bright colors when adding onto my professional wardrobe --
and while decorating my classroom.
Is anyone else as crazy about fall colors as I am? Stop by my blog and tell me your current fall fave. I'm always looking for cute new blogs to follow :) And thanks Lish for letting me share my little spot of color for the day :)

ME, ME, ME!! I am just as crazy about fall colors as you are Brooke! :D You know, I love the warm summer months, but the feeling of fall makes my heart pitter patter...the warm cozy clothes, the BOOTS, {that orange blouse}- LOVE! Thank you so much for being here today to share this with us Brooke!!! 

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Brooke said...

Thanks so much Lish :) Happy Monday!

Cropped Stories said...

Fall is my favorite season mostly because of the gorgeous colors! Love that vase with the numbers and letters inside; very cool idea!