Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall-My Second Chance

Fall to me is like a second chance, much like Spring or any change in seasons, I gain a sense of new hope, new routines and new chances. Spring is more of an awakening, coming out of a gloomy, dark state and preparing for a fresh start. Summer is always anticipated but sneaks up on us and is gone before you know it! Winter brings a sense of nostalgic and magic. And Fall is a mixture of all of the above. An awakening from the summer slumber, the beachy carefree attitude eases away and in it's place is a return of structure and balance followed by warmth and a sense of home. I find myself a bit more focused, thinking and planning of what needs to be done.

I am eager to clean out closets and donate things we don't need, making room for sweaters, scarfs, hats, and jackets. Bins of clothes are sitting in the corner, quietly awaiting their move. I can't wait to pull out my cardigans and boots. My Fall clothes are so much more comfortable them my summer clothes. Maybe because I am more comfortable showing less skin. The cooler temps are welcomed after such a hot and humid summer, and although we still be spending lots of time outside, the inside of my home is where I will be focusing my attention. Reorganizing closets and shelves and adding small touches of fall decor throughout.  Cozy nubby blankets on the couch {although let's be real, I live with two little boys so the blankets are usually draped over chairs as part of a fort!}, hanging welcoming wreaths on the door, lighting yummy smelling candles...And let's not forget about all those comfort foods just begging to be made. My crock pot sits out on the counter more during the cooler months; stews and chili's replace BBQ hamburgers and cold salads.

Ah yes, Fall, my second new year to shift into some sort of healthy regime, work on my daily time management issues, push myself forward and enjoy life :)

What are your thoughts on Fall?

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anika♥Lee said...

I ♥♥♥ Fall!!!!! This makes me so excited for Fall now... even more so than before!!! :) And more focused, thank you for the inspiration!!!! I also enjoy fall clothing more than summer - !!!! LOVE cardigans !!! and SCARVES, don't get me started! :) hehehe. Happy Tuesday !

Kat of EmKatCreations said...

Being a Earth-Centric-Religious Practitioner my perspective is a little different than most people's, but typically only on the surface. The Fall is the Harvest time and also the time of organizing and getting ducks in a row before the nights lengthen and fuzzy blankets seem like a divine gift. It's the time to gather the fruits of the year, but also to discern which ones are rotten and need to be discarded. I celebrate three different Harvest Festivals through the fall, each with a slightly different theme, but all fulfilling.