Monday, September 17, 2012

Life As She Knows It-Joanna @ Moda Mama

Happy Monday Friends! 

I have been so blessed to stumble upon some fabulous blogs and 'meet' such great ladies in the past few years! Believe it or not, I get kiddy when I see a familiar name in my comment section, or see an email come through from a blogging buddy. Who cares if I stalked them first or they called me out and said, 'let's be friends,' knowing that there are people out there that get the whole blogging thing, that understand what it's like to juggle the kiddos and the computer, yet still be YOU, and Mama, and every other hat that we need to be all at once.

Those are the people that I have been trying to fill my sidebar with, blogs that are inspirational, down to earth and beautiful inside and out. Real blogs that I actually read and that I actually relate too. 

Today I want you to meet Joanna from Moda Mama, who is not only all of the above but she's that and more...

The Nitty Gritty...

Describe a typical day in the ModaMama household...

There really isn't one.  We're freelance.  That means we are slaves to when and where the work comes.  We try to keep a somewhat regular routine for Baby Girl but who does what changes daily.

One thing though: if we're both home in the evening you bet I'm workin' on getting a foot massage!

As one fashionable mama, how do you manage to rock such sweet outfits and clean up after a wee one?

Lock up your children!  I lock her in the bathroom with me while I take a shower.  And all of my nail polish ends up on the floor arranged to her liking...right along side the tampons she likes to count.
I lock her in the bedroom with me while I get dressed and ready.  And my pillows are scattered, my bed jumped on, my belts/shoes strewn about, and my dog scampering from corner to corner trying to stay one step ahead from the sticky toddler fingers.
When I'm dressed, I deal with the mess the little hurricane has left. 
Lather. Rinse. Repeat.   

Seriously though, it really helps to be quick and decisive, and just to go with what you feel.  That means that sometimes I don't like my outfit, or I'll think afterwards that something else would've made a better match but whatever!  It's clothes and if I have a bad outfit day it's not a tragedy.

Plus patterns!  They help hide the toddler food stains on my clothes.  

You are absolutely hysterical and so real on your there any advice you would give to someone who has just started blogging?

Don't listen to a word anyone says.  Now listen to this:  do what you want. 

I know that's confusing, but the blog world can be confusing at times.  So my best advice is make a blog that reflects your voice and stick to that.  Even if no one reads my blog, I'll still post my sarcastic thoughts, and my true stories, and my ridiculous CoffeeTalk Vids.

Even if it's just my husband and my best friend reading them.  Which they usually do.

And my mother-in-law *perfect daughter-in-law smile*

Fun stuff...

If you had a blank canvas, what would you do with it?

Give it to my husband.  He's the lover and the painter.  I'm the fighter.  And if I kept it I'd probably bash him over the head with it during a...."discussion." 

Aside from family member and pets, what would be the first thing you would grab in the event of a fire?

External hard drive.  Weird I know, but it's where all my files, programs, client shoots, and family pictures are backed up.  Everything else can burn. 

Well, maybe not that dress...
...or that one, and that one...

One word questions-one word answers {answer however you see fit}

Bath....time *yippeee!!*

Thanks for having me!

Thanks for sharing with us Joanna :)

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I love Joanna and I love this interview! <3