Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life Lately...

Some randoms from my Life Lately...

-I got to spend some time with my best friend this past week! She and her husband live in England, so time together is far and few between. Believe me if I had a rope, I would kidnap her and keep her in my basement!

-and we had some fun at McDonalds with the kiddos :0

-Mike and I have toyed with the idea of moving for a couple years now, and just this past week have looked into it a bit further...only to realize we can't afford what we need/like. So that's a bummer...but that only makes me want it more. I always want what I can't have. It also brings up tons of other decisions that need to be made. Why is it that BIG life decisions suck?!

-remember the Friends episode with Rachel and Chandler with the Cheesecake on the floor? Well, that happens here with cheese...heaven forbid the cheese container falls on the floor!

-I've been a busy, busy bee...gearing up and stocking my shelves for my very first craft show. If your in the area I'd love to see you!!

-In addition to my scarves, I've added bracelets, hair accessories, pins & clips, even some Christmas Decor!

Here's a peak...

-I don't talk about music very often on here, it used to play a huge roll in my life. Now the only music that I seem to hear is some giddy, high pitched kids tune. Which is ok in my books, but not really something that inspires me...LOL!

-This song however, I kinda love...


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amberlyn jo said...

I love those bracelets! And I also love me some Phillip Phillips <3...and yes, I have a friend like that also....doesn't live that far away from me though....just in another state, ha!

Angee @ October Morning said...

I cannot wait to hear all about your craft show. Mine is the weekend after yours so I'll be taking lots of notes. I'm starting to have little panic attacks about it because I haven't start stocking up my inventory. I need to get busy. Ha!