Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Confessions

Happy Sunday! What better way to start today off then with a few random confessions...ya?!

Confession #1
The smell of leftover Microwave Popcorn makes me want to's gross. Just throw it out!

Confession #2
I have tiny little voices in my head that narrate my life. But only when all is quiet and I am out walking or just sitting down AND sometimes there is music...

Confession #3
Do you remember the TV show Ally McBeal from the 90's? On the show, she had a theme song for her life, which was "Tell Him." Which she would randomly blast or sing to herself...Of course I had to pick out a theme song back then it was 'Walking on Sunshine', which I need to implement back into my life now...:) 

Confession #4
I can not handle booze anymore...seriously, after 2 or 3 drinks I am a laughing Hyena on top of the world and then within seconds, dead to the world sleeping!

Confession #5
I had so many juicy confessions in my head all week and now, here I am sitting at the computer pulling out my hair, cause I can't remember them! Ooh, actually I just thought of one...speaking of hair...every since having kids my hair comes out in handfuls when I wash it. It's gross....

Confession #6
I found this post in my drafts folder yesturday, it was from 3 months ago!! I also found a slew of other posts, which I am going to save and use over the next little bit :)

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Sarah said...

I mentally narrate my life, too! I write emails and rehearse conversations (to either build up the confidence to actually say it or to get things out of my system I would never actually have the courage to say out loud), and make lists. Music is often on repeat as well. :)

Jamie Gumieny-Fink said...

So I love your blog - your candor and honesty is refreshing! Our blog was nominated for a bloggy award called the Liebster... You may have heard of it... I had not but after some research realized that it's a virtual compliment ;) So per the rules of the game we wanted to spread the love and give your space a nod because well that's what you do I guess!
Here's the link: