Monday, March 11, 2013

This, That and the other Thing...

Hey there, it's been awhile since we talked...this little spot has been neglected lately, but I promise it's not permanent!

Life lately has been pretty busy the past few weeks, just everyday things mixed in with unexpected things. You know. Life. It happens. You deal. You enjoy. You cry. You laugh. You try and yell through a sore throat. You change diapers. You clean. You create. You play. You look forward to your weekly shower. You laugh some more, cause crying sucks.

You do dishes. You take photos. You go to work. You crank the music in the car. You enjoy what will hopefully be the last snowfall. You embrace the mild weather that brings rain. You spot the first snowdrop peaking through the snow. You organize and change more diapers. You clean. You try and sleep, but toss and turn. You put on your new jeans and feel good. You take them off and put on your pj's and feel even better :)

Then you lather, rinse and REPEAT.

I've also been working my bum off in preparation for an upcoming craft show. A lot of you are in the States, but hey, if your local or want to take a little trip to Woodstock, ONT. Canada, come on over and say hi!
Imprintalish Handmade will be there with lots of pretty things-this is the only way to see the full batch of things I create!

Happy Monday!

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Big Apple Mami said...

Hugs!! sorry life have been a bit hectic and difficult recently! That monotony of routine can be so hard sometimes, especially with sickies and winter weather piled on...Hope Spring is right around the corner for you! xoxo

Benlovesting said...

Ah so awesome!